How Long Do German Shepherds Bleed when IN Heat?

All dogs bleed when in heat. The length of time the blood is shed varies from breed to breed and sometimes even between different individuals within a single breed. Some breeds can endure this process for weeks without discomfort, while others may need immediate medical care if they experience any signs of distress during their heats.

German Shepherds, or “GSDs,” have a very short period of heat. This is why they are not recommended for breeding purposes. If you are looking to breed your female GSD, it is best to wait until the heat has passed. When in heat, the blood will be pink and will look like that of a human’s.

How do you stop a dog from bleeding in heat?

A: If the bleeding is profuse, you should apply pressure to the wound area and elevate it above the dogs heart. You can also use a clean cloth or towel to cover the wound and keep it out of direct sunlight.

How do I know when my dog has finished her season?

A: Your dog will typically have a season of about 6 months. The first few weeks are the most important, as this is when she will be in heat and ready to mate. After that, her cycle will slow down and shell be less interested in mating.


The “how long do dogs bleed when in heat” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is that German Shepherds will bleed for a few minutes, and then they’ll be fine.

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