When Do German Shepherd Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

As German Shepherds mature, they lose their teeth. They will have all of their teeth by the time they are two years old, but some may still be missing when they are six months old.

The “german shepherd puppy teeth chart” is a list of when certain breeds of dogs lose their teeth. German Shepherd puppies are on the list at around 2 and 4 months old.

What helps a teething puppy?

A: If your puppy is teething, you can give him a frozen ice cube to chew on. This will help with the pain and discomfort he may be experiencing. You can also rub his gums with a clean finger or wipe them off with a damp cloth.


German Shepherd puppies lose their teeth at around 7-8 weeks. The “german shepherd teeth fully grown” is when the dog’s permanent teeth have reached full size, and the puppy’s baby teeth have fallen out.

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