Why Do German Shepherd Ears Stand Up?

The German Shepherd is well known for its broad and erect ears. These have developed to help them keep their balance while running at full speed in a variety of terrains, like snowy fields or rough terrain. There are many reasons why the ears stand up on dogs: they can be used as camouflage against predators; they may also pick up scent particles that humans cannot perceive; the dog’s sense of hearing might be better than our own due to olfaction being more acute in animals with smaller noses and mouths than us; it could just be an adaptation for living in cold climates where snowfall would make most earthbound creatures feel disoriented.; And finally, these already-erect ear flaps might serve another purpose–they act as windbreaks when exposed skin gets wet from rain or snow.

The “german shepherd puppy ears stages” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer to the question is that German Shepherd’s ears stand up because they are very sensitive and can hear sounds from far away.

At what age will a dog’s ears stand up?

A: The age at which a dogs ears stand up is largely dependent on the breed of the dog. Some breeds, such as poodles and shih tzus, will have their ears standing up by the time they are just a few weeks old. Other breeds, like golden retrievers, may not have their ears standing up until they are several months old.


German Shepherds ears are floppy when they’re young, but as they grow older their ears stand up. The reason for this is because the cartilage in their ears hardens and loses elasticity. Reference: german shepherd floppy ears 9 months.

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